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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 25, 2013 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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conference from police. we want to show you this live picture. you can see some microphones down on the lower right-hand side of the corner there. there's ure photographer setting up the -- there's our photographer setting up the microphone. once we get any information, we'll have updates on the social media if it happens after "mornings on 2." sal, come on back. give us one more look at what you are following right now. >> we're gonna quickly go through these at the toll plaza. very nice. san francisco northbound 101, it's a little bit slow approaching the central freeway from earlier problems. on the peninsula and the nimitz freeway, southbound 880, 17 minutes from 238 to mowry. let's go it steve. a little cooler today. a lot of low clouds, high clouds. partly sunny, partly cloudy. temperatures coming back. 60s for many. he'll hold onto that. maybe some rain for the upcoming weekend. that's our report this morning. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time
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news breaks. thank you for joining us.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. let's get the week started with the day's best videos, "right this minute." a seven-foot alligator is no
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problem for this florida deputy. >> grabs him by the snout and wrestles him down. now meet the hero deputy who's also a mom. >> my 4-year-old understands it. she thinks it's just hilarious. a snowmobile rider is about to take a very short ride, off a ski jump. see if he sticks the landing in a good way. a tour group is chased by a rogue giraffe. >> this thing is mad and it's fast. people are very, very scared. >> hear what's to blame for the 13-foot flip-out. and meet a man on a mission that's not what you think. >> he's looking for some sluts. >> where did you get those? >> you can find some anywhere. they're all over the place. this protective mom is not afraid of no seven-foot alligator. this is jessica mcgregor. notice that she is fighting this
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alligator, like crocodile dundee. >> oh, you better believe it. and this alligator happens to be very close to clairemont middle school in florida just before the last bell is about to ring sending students all over the place. she also happens to be a lake county deputy, so she means business. she jumps on him, grabs him by the snout and waits for the proper authorities to take him home. >> look at her, she's not afraid of anything. >> we could just call animal control, they could take care of it. no, i got it. >> apparently they did, but it was going to take two hours for a trapper to come and take care of the situation. >> this is near a school. you really just can't let that thing wander around. >> to find out more and why she decided why to wrestle the alligator, we have jessica via skype right this minute. were you not just a little bit afraid? >> no. i've actually handled alligators before. i grew up in lake county and you're going to come across
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them. when they came on my property, my brother and i we got them. we moved them around. once i got him in a position that it was safe for me and he was tired enough, that's when i made the move to get on his back. >> what were you telling your partner during this whole ordeal? >> i said i'll let you know and at the end you get down with me. >> what's tougher, wrestling alligators or wrestling suspects? >> suspects. >> have your daughters seen the video and what are they saying about mom wrestling an alliga r alligator. >> my 4-year-old thinks it's hilarious. by 2-year-old just points and says there's an alligator. >> are your daughters going to learn how to alligator wrestle? are you training them? >> no. i don't know if i want them doing it. >> were you not a little scared that maybe they could hurt you? >> if you stay between their front legs and back legs, they can't get you.
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they can't bite their own belly. >> that's all it takes. >> have you been offered a transfer to animal control. >> animal control hands up to four foot and then they call wildlife and send a trapper. >> anything bigger, deputy mcgregor will take care of it. the light house family store in florida has been hit five times recently, burglary. so this detective was conducting surveillance. that man you see there is identified as a 36-year-old william leon. police say he's the one behind the five-finger discount. >> now, he's backing his truck in and putting stuff in the back of the truck. what's he putting there? cookware and metal tin. but, so, people nnics business d he was up to no good because he cut the chain lock off the gate to get the truck in. they put in a call to the detective. before he got there, they said
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let's do something so he doesn't get away. notice the people walking up to the gate. >> he's trying to shut the gate? >> that's right. the employees said let's close the gate so he can't get out. my first thought was i hope he scent get in the truck and try at that ram him. >> who are those cars pulling up? >> that is the detective showing up to come talk to this guy. hoe he was arrested on the scene. >> any idea if this guy was responsible to some of the other burglari burglaries? >> yes, he's been linked to the five other recent burglaries and accumulated a total of 16 felony charges and some misdemeanors. i've got a crazy car video three-fer. first one, it's a flurry of crunch. pay attention to the right side. this red car is going to zoom up, try and juke in between those cars. he gets out of shape, crash! look out, goes back in front of the dash cam.
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whoa, missed that car, but it's not over. >> this guy is an idiot. >> everybody is trying to miss each other but trying to hit each other. >> it was like he was trying to hit as many cars as he could. and the dash cam we're riding in keeps trucking down the road. >> i wouldn't look back. >> that's a master driver. >> move over to china. this guy riding a rickshaw just barely misses that orange sports car smashing into the side of a bridge. doors pop open and people start piling out. >> and they're bailing from this car for a reason. something seems fishy about this. >> that thing hit that fence and then just popped up. >> this last one would make jackie chan very proud. it's a road rage incident. you see people start to confront the people in this honda right in front of us. doors open, the argument gets heated. here comes the passenger to try to get in on the action, yelling through the window. the driver isn't going to take it much longer. watch what happens next. the honda starts to posture like
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he's going to run these guys over, and he does! he hits that one guy, comes back, gives that driver's window a kick. >> where did that guy come from? >> he ran up over the hood of the car. >> on the driver's side you've got two guys trying to beat on your car and now the driver is trying to run people over. >> no one wins in these situations. >> that move was pretty sick. a hormonal imbalance is apparently to blame for this next video. what i'm talking about is a 13-foot-tall giraffe chasing after a tour group. >> maybe now is the point to rid yo for help? >> this thing is mad, fast and shaking these people getting very close. people are very, very scared. >> following us again. >> they said he's kind of known for his odd behavior in this park but never attacked humans before. you can see people on board really holding on because the suv is trying to speed away from this thing. there he is ramming into the
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vehicle. took off one of the side-view mirrors, also kicked at the driver during this. people were two miles out. >> that's what these people get out there for, right? to get up close and personal with the animals. you got it. >> now, nobody was injured from this but you can maimagine peop were shaken up. >> what if they just stayed and let it cool off for a second. >> if it can do this to a pretty heavy duty jeep, it would probably knock your block off if it wanted to. these guys are not so welcome, and now they're getting the boot from their adopted home. >> it was a fixer-upper. >> animals had been in there. >> moving day caught on camera, see it next. it's the google experiment that turns any website into a game. >> i want to play right now. >> see how it works and how you can play along "right this minute."
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is your morning routine as extreme as daniel boden's is? i doubt it. >> daniel is in sweden, gets out of bed, shakes it all off. grabs a red bull, takes his helmet, suits up. out the door he goes to hop on his snowmobile. but he's not going for just a nice little casual run. he's going for a huge stopf ski jump. this is what ski jumpers will go down to do their epic flights through the air, but daniel will jump it on his snowmobile. watch this. starts it up, gooses it, down the ramp he goes. >> whoa! >> look at that.
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nose pitches down and he meets the landing ramp just beautifully. watch this from a different angle. >> oh, my gosh. i can't believe that thing didn't break into bits. >> no, he lands it just right on the down ramp. you see him take a bit of a hit. that's 220 feet. he launched himself and a very heavy piece of machinery. and he gets to mark that off his to-do list. raccoons relocated. these raccoons invaded some homes, but they got relocated in a safe manner, thanks to the humane society. woe start in maine. the homeowner was harearing scratching noises. a camera was put up in the roof area and they found the source of the noise, mama raccoon and
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two juveniles. they thought, okay, since these juveniles are old enough to be relocated, we're going to commence operation get them out of here. they put up a cage, and this isn't just any cage to catch them. this cage has an exit but you can't get back in. so once the raccoons come out, there's no way for them to get back in the rooftop. and what did they lure them with? >> food, dog treats. >> now what happens? >> they have to go in the woods and find another den. it seems that raccoons have more than one den. now, in this home, you can see this raccoon had its head out. they crawl up there to just check and see if there's another one in there. they didn't see anything but they realized it was big enough for another raccoon to be there so they put up a camera and one of those one-way door cages and waited it out to see if somebody else came out. and look, the other raccoon came back. >> he's not getting in. >> he's not getting in but he's
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calling at somebody. somebody else was in there. i think that was his woman. >> and he was like, girl, we've got to go. we've got to find a new home. >> i can't get back in, why did you lock me out? >> she's like i didn't lock you out, it was those humans. >> nick and i don't know the latest cool stuff in tech, not at all. so let's just bring in zach right off the bat. what's up, dude? tell us about the tech stuff. >> all right. this is a fun game that you can play using just google chrome, your laptop and your phone. this is a chrome experiment, so it's kind of google's way of showing off creative ways to use their web browser. it turns any website into a marble maze game. >> no! >> oh, i want to play right now. >> so can we do this on >> you could. >> so we open chrome on the laptop. i can do that one. >> there you go.
9:17 am
>> well done, steven. >> we're on our website. i'm seeing lots of great videos. >> you actually don't start at the website. you have to go to >> type in a website. >> oh, my gosh, you're typing here and it's typing here! whoa, look at that. >> it's transforming it into -- >> no way! it's like moving around in 3-d space generating a ball. >> if you look over here, it moves the phone around a little bit. >> so are we supposed to get the little dots like pacman? >> those give you points. >> now it says head for the goal. >> jump. >> there you go. >> give it a swing. >> so it looks like it puts in barriers on the actual tape. thanks, zach. i will get absolutely no work done for the rest of the night. >> thanks, buddy.
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all she wanted was speakers for her work computer. >> not exactly too much to ask for, if you ask me. >> see the office computer prank next, "right this minute." and still to come, from drivers to jujdges, these guys show off their flipping talent, and -- >> we have the champion of the 2013 championship. >> who tells us what it's like to be the top sign guy. >> what do you get for being the world champ? and what do you get with kicks in a microwave? the nerdiest thing you've ever seen. why gayle couldn't get out a peep next.
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it's prank time with april fool's coming up which is why we teamed up with max to get some great videos. >> we need more and you still have more time. so if you or somebody you know pulled a prank or joke on somebody and got it on video, send it to us. >> upload your video using our my channel feature on who knows, your video could be featured on our april fool's day show. we've seen these guys on the street, these sign guys. >> oh, yeah. >> this is so fun from inside a car. as they drive up to this sign guy, he's putting on quite the performance and these guys are loving it.
9:22 am
>> come on, give me your best move. >> whoa! [ bleep ]. >> whoa! >> that was like sign acrobat s acrobatics. >> sometimes the sign is spinning so fast you can't see what's on the sign. >> or which way it's pointing. where's your place. >> i want to know is there a hands or something? i don't know how they do that. >> well, they're really good for a reason and there are even competitions. this video is from the sixth annual world sign spinning championship 2013. and it's kind of a big deal. you can see these guys really get into it. >> i feel like he should be doing more than holding a sign because this is definite talent here. >> we've the champion of the 2013 championship, mike wright on "right this minute." >> hi, guys. >> where do you start? do you start as a dancer, do you start as a gymnast? do you start as a sign holder and develop all those skills?
9:23 am
>> woe take break dancers or sign holders, to skateboarding and bmx'ing and put it where to one thing where everybody can communicate and have that bond. >> how much can you do with a sign, though? are you limited at some point? >> we've a lot of tricks. >> what do you get for winning? >> i got a lot of opportunities to win around and help train sign spinners. >> so when did sign spinning become so cool that there's now a world competition? >> it started off being a major countrywide thing so from san diego to northern california to phoenix all the way over to the east coast. once you got there, we started doing competitions and the next
9:24 am
thing you know it's worldwide. nick, you recently went to the renaissance festival where they have jousting. i bet you they did not have jousting like this. i give you, gentlemen, jousting peeps. >> marshmallow peeps? >> yes, marshmallow peeps. these two guys at the "orange county register" in southern california, mark and asher, decided to have a contest between marshmallow peeps. >> the contestants are coming to the ring, or in this case the microwave. >> whoever pierces first is the winner. >> it looks like right-hand peep is in the lead and, oh, we have a tie. >> they tied? >> how did they tie? it looks like the one on the right was ahead. >> let's see the result, and they're embedded deep. >> they have to decide who was the winner. >> it looks like they're both losers no matter who strikes first because you come out looking like a puddle of mud. >> what is your ascertain, mr.
9:25 am
judge? >> it looks to me like the right-hand peep landed a much deeper blow. >> i don't know what else to say. my congratulations. >> thank you very much. applause, everyone, applause. frankster is hitting the beach in search of something. >> do you remember the sluts in front of enough about the book, i want to hear about your date.
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i know you guys are tough, but are you tough? >> i'm not that tough. >> it's pretty amazing. the obstacle courses on a tough mudder run are incredible. this happens to be from the 2013 arizona race. this course happens to be just under 12 miles long, which includes all kinds of crazy things that are supposed to test your all-around strength, stami stamina, mental grit, camaraderie. >> i think it's the ice bath that freaks me out the most. i like to think i could finish this. >> yeah, i -- you know, you'd have to really tie me up, get me out there, force me to do it and also pay my registration fee. then i'd do it. >> the cool thing about this is all of these races across the world are to benefit the wounded warrior project.
9:29 am
so far they have raised $5 million and more than half a million participants. puppy plays with vacuum. >> but old buddy with his latest prank time. >> where did you get those sluts? >> you can find some anywhere. they're all over the place. >> don't be so judgmental here. >> do you remember the sluts, i was talking about it? yeah, they're right in front of me. where did you get those sluts. >> down in l.a. >> oh. >> sluts, or i should say shady sluts are actually a line of